The Technology
What is Brock Foam?

Brock Foam uses a patented process
that fuses closed cell foam beads only
at their contact points. Brock Foam is
available in a variety of densities in
polypropylene (for impact applications)
or cross-linked polyethylene (for
repeated stress applications). Brock
Foam can be slit, die cut, formed,
and/or laminated to breathable fabrics.
It's also machine washable.

What is Brock Quilt?

It is the world’s most advanced
protective padding. Brock’s patented
process consists of closed cell foam
beads blown under pressure into
quilted fabric channels. The result is
padding that has an unbeatable
combination of impact absorption,
cooling, flexibility, and washability.

3-D Airflow & Evaporative

Air spaces between the beads allow
free flow of air in all directions. As the
body sweats, the sweat coats the
beads which actually accelerates
evaporation, body cooling, and drying.

Impact Absorption

Upon impact, each bead tries to
separate the adjacent beads sideways,
deflecting the energy away from the
body and thereby absorbing more
impact than foams of comparable
weight and flexibility.
What is Aero-Dry fabric?

Aero-Dry fabric is the most advanced
hydrofil fiber made.  The unique
construction creates a built-in air
chamber providing air circulation that
ventilates and cools the body.  
Engineered to provide superior
comfort, it keeps you cool and
comfortable with its patented
moisture-transfer capabilities.  
Aero-Dry delivers comfort, moisture
management, breathability and quick